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Recent studies have shown that one of the most requested escort services by clients of the London escorts is the Threesome London Escort Service, which is the service that allows men to have sex with two women at the same time. It is a top-rated service that all agency clients have tried at least once in their life.

It is a beautiful and very transgressive escort service, which gives the possibility to experiment with otherwise impossible things, and that makes the man feel like a real Pornstar.

But how is it possible to maintain security in this escort service? And what to do to get the most out of the Threesome London Escort Service?

We asked the manager of a famous adult entertainment agency in London, who, however, asked to remain anonymous.

Here is our interview.

Thanks for taking the time for the interview. Is the Threesome London Escort Service the service that is most requested by your customers?

I cannot say that it is the most popular service, but our analyzes confirm that it is a service on the rise and that it is very popular in this period. Requests have increased by 30%.

For what reason?

There are many reasons that can explain this situation. We can assume that people really want to transgress and do things they usually can’t do, or even just the desire to have new experiences. We can’t also overlook the fact that many customers only experience this once in a lifetime, and if they want to do it, then their intention is to get the most out of it.

Have you selected expert girls in the Threesome London Escort Service?

When we hire girls, we are very transparent in saying that it is very likely that one of the most requested services will be to have threesomes with two men or with another woman. We want to make girls understand what they will have to do regularly and make sure they are truly able to perform this service in the best way. We don’t want to force any woman to do something she doesn’t want, but in the same way, our agency can’t afford to invest time and money in a girl who doesn’t really want to perform the Threesome London Escort Service or other services. In this unfortunate case, we are forced not to hire the girl or advise her to work as an independent escort.

Having sex with two women or with two men at the same time can be really nice, but how can the hygiene standard be kept very high during the Threesome London Escort Service?

Our girls are all monitored by a doctor and regularly perform blood tests and in-depth medical visits, and this is the first level of security that we can offer to all our customers.

The second level of security is dictated by the great personal hygiene of our escorts. Our girls wash with the utmost care before having sex and after the end of their escort service, and always have disinfectant gel and handkerchiefs with them.

All sex that is performed in any of our escort services must always be carried out with a condom, including oral sex. This rule cannot be violated for any reason and is particularly strict in the Threesome London Escort Service with two escort girls at the same time since two girls are involved. In this situation, the client must show maximum collaboration, changing the condom every time you have sex with the other girl. We can understand that it is very uncomfortable to have to stop, remove the condom, sanitize the hands, put on the new condom, and then have sex again, but it is the only way to allow the girls and the client to work in an environment with maximum hygiene possible.

Is maximum customer collaboration required in this service?

Exactly. Customer behavior is fundamental for the success of the service. We ask the customer to always be very polite and respectful of the girls who are working for him and to make them happy. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of our customers have proven themselves to be extremely professional and able to help us in the best way, and we have quickly isolated those who have proved arrogant, rude, or unwilling to collaborate with girls.

What do customers want to do in this service?

Our policy prevents us from going into details on what happens in the Threesome London Escort Service, but I can say that we allow the customer to customize different aspects of this service, and, in particular cases, it is also possible to see a lesbian sex show among the two girls. There are conditions to be able to do so, that is, the payment of an extra sum, the consent of the two girls, and then a particular feeling between the two escorts. If a customer wants to see this show too, he must tell us, and we will try to satisfy him in the best way.

We always encourage maximum communication with customers so that we can immediately understand what they are looking for.

I understand. Are you satisfied with the consensus that the Threesome London Escort Service is collecting?

Yes, it is a service that is in high demand, but that is not so simple to implement. To offer it the best way, it is absolutely necessary to find beautiful girls who have a special feeling between them, a strong aptitude for sex and no problem having sex with a single man without thinking about anything but satisfying him. Finding girls with these characteristics is not easy at all, but it is the only way to be able to offer a first-rate escort service.

We are proud to have spent a lot of time in our castings to select only the best girls and offer only the best Threesome London Escort Service to all our customers.

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