Escorts in Washington DC

By September 6, 2023Escort

Thirty years ago, walking through DC’s red-light district meant witnessing Jell-O wrestling matches, 25-cent peep shows and prostitution rings aplenty. Unfortunately, due to police actions against such activities and prostitution rings, these sights no longer feature public view; rather they have driven an increase in escort services and private security contracts.

Escorts in Washington DC can be found at clubs ranging from luxurious showrooms, such as Nexus Gold Club, to neighborhood bars that feel more like nightclubs — despite featuring women dancing nude. Some have been around for decades while others are just opening. Camelot Show Bar on M Street caters specifically to men, boasting an elite clientele more common at other strip clubs.

The district’s laws criminalize both prostitutes and johns who solicit services. According to state law, solicitation means inviting, enticing, offering or persuading someone to engage in sexual activity for payment. To combat such conduct, MPD holds regular sting operations where female officers acting as decoys engage male participants who then make offers of sexual services or exchange agreements before moving in quickly for arrests.

Some escorts and johns may fall victim to these sting operations; others do not. Prosecutors must show that prostitutes and johns exchanged certain language promising sexual services for money; both parties were aware of what was taking place; otherwise a conviction cannot be achieved on misdemeanor charges against the defendant.

Koehler Law has represented clients who have been charged with this offense in the past. Our DC prostitution attorney can explain both the laws and consequences associated with their conviction.

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