How to Communicate With Sydney Strippers?

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People of all ages and backgrounds come into contact with strippers. Yet ask any stripper and they will tell you that almost everyone asks them the same questions. What’s the most frequently asked question about this topic, and why is it so popular?

How Does It Feel to Be There?

No two days will ever be the same at work. In addition, most people are surprised to learn that Sydney Strippers enjoy the freedom of their work schedules, the camaraderie with their clients, and the monetary rewards. However, when people ask you the same question over and over again, it can get tedious. Try to avoid saying the following to a stripper by mixing it up. It’s nothing new to them.

5 Questions Not To Ask A Stripper

Stripping is hard work. Not only is it physically demanding, but strippers need to have their personalities on display at all times. There is a fine line between asking about a stripper’s professional life and probing into their personal life. The following questions should never be asked of a stripper:

  • If I were you, I’d ask them.
  • Is it something you enjoy?
  • What’s your real name, please?
  • Has a guy asked you out lately?

Instead, why not let these talented dancers do what they do best and ask them to perform for you?

The 5 Worst Things You Should Never Say To A Stripper

Sydney Strippers take in a lot of information through their senses of hearing and sight. Before you blurt out your one-liner because you think it’s clever or funny, take a second to consider whether you’re right. Do not utter the following cringe-worthy phrases.

  • In my experience, I’m not the type of person who frequents establishments like this.
  • You bring back memories of my daughter, who is now an adult.
  • Talking is all I want to do.
  • Your demeanor suggests that you’re not a stripper.
  • All I want is a drink, that’s all.


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