Top 7 Sex Games For Men

By April 21, 2022Escort

When it comes to sex, there are many ways of enjoying your favorite moments. knows the importance of sexual satisfaction and therefore, they have come up with Top 7 sex games for men that you’ll enjoy. Fingering being a common occurrence has its special ways of making it unique and below are some of these tips:

1.    Prepare Your Girl

If a man desires to engage in a fingering session, there are a few things he should do before even entering the same room as his partner. It’s critical that he take care of his fingernails, keeping them clean and clipped. Before approaching a woman’s sensitive area, any hang nails should be dealt with.

2.    Communicate

Some women may be accustomed to fingering as a strictly foreplay action, with the expectation that intercourse will follow. A man should tell his partner up front that he does not intend to follow up with penetration.

3.    Get Her in the Mood

Whether a man penetrates during foreplay or continues with follow-up activities, his penis will be extremely painful. He can wait till the pain subsides before continuing.

4.    Convey Your True Feelings

Women can sense how a man feels about them and may be sensitive to how they are treated as a result. This is more than simply words; a man who uses romantic and intimate words when calling her might convey actual feelings. So please inform her.

5.    Lubricate Her Well

Before attempting a new method or position, always take the time to fully lubricate. And keep in mind that just because she’s slick with excitement doesn’t mean she’s ready to arrive.

6.    Watch her Reaction

She can be indicating that she’s ready to come by her body language. Her respiration or fluttering fingers can indicate whether she’s ready. He can also use a firmer, harsher touch, or more lubricant in his actions.

7.    Enjoy it

A man should be confident in his capacity to execute in various sex positions, taking into account anatomy such as manhood size and g-spot location.


Top 7 sex games for men are simply meant to give men a secret of enjoying sex better than they’ve ever done.