Working as an Independent Washington DC Escort

By February 10, 2022Escort

When you get into any business or take up a new job, one of the most important things we consider is the income. We want to be sure that what we are getting as compensation of our time and energy is worth the sacrifice. Every entrepreneur knows that any business we venture into is a pure risk. However, no wise entrepreneur would ever be ready to get into a business without considering the magnitude of the risk they’re getting into. The risk should always be way much lower than the expected results.

Working as an independent Washington DC escort is a business just like any other. The only difference is the services you are offering and those being offered by other entrepreneurs. Therefore, you must ensure that you give it your best thoughts before venturing into it. Below are some reasons why you should work as an independent escort in Washington DC.

1.    Better Income

Independent Washington DC escorts earn much better than those working under agencies. This is however only when comparing the earnings of an ordinary female escort. This is because; most of the agencies take a very high percentage and only give the girls a small percentage. When it comes to the independent girls, all what the clients pay them is never shared with anyone which means more income.

2.    More Clients

It is not easy to trust an independent escort if you are new in this business or field as a client. However, the moment you get used to it, it becomes easier to identify the girls that can be trusted. With time, these beautiful girls seem to have more clients and are always on demand because they have no one to share the clients with. This is the reason why, many escorts turn to independence once they get used to the industry.


Never run a race just because it seems to be more convenient. If you are not comfortable working as an independent escort, join hundreds of other Washington DC escorts working under agencies and loving it.